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  • ATO approved STP (Single Touch Payroll) software
  • Quickest software to learn, easiest software to use
  • Advanced features for advanced users
  • Not just a payroll software for STP
  • Backed up by chartered accountants and tax agents

ATO approved STP software

AccXite Software is an ATO approved software for low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution for Micro employers (with one to four employees).

The software is free until 31 Dec 2019 (if you register now). From 1 Jan 2020 the prices start from $5.98 per month (including GST).

Non micro employers also get the software for free until 31 Dec 2019 if they register now. From 1 Jan 2020 the prices start from $9.98 per month (including GST)

Quickest software to learn, easiest software to use

One of our main design goals is to make the software fastest to learn and easiest to use. You can learn how to use the software in less than 2 minutes. We achieved this incredible feat by ensuring the same team was involved from the conception process to design process and then development process.

It also helped that we have one of the longest running payroll bureaus (specialising in the Aged Care Industry) in Australia and use our own software for bureau services.

Advanced features for advanced users

Just because it is easy and quick to learn, it doesn't mean that our software is simplistic. AccXite software features some of the most advanced features ever seen in a business software.

Our user studies showed that when they were introduced to these advanced features, the users were not just able to easily understand how they worked but also used them so efficiently to increase their productivity exponentially.

Not just a payroll software for STP

Our main competitors are providing a cut down version of their payroll solutions for the Micro Employer market. We believe that if you are going to use a software for payroll, then you should be using it to manage your whole business. Why stop at just payroll?

We are developing a full suite of accounting software complementary with our payroll software which will be released soon complementary to all our subscribers. However, we don't just stop there! As software developers we understand that your business might operate in an industry that might have a particular software requirement to run the business effectively. We can implement and customise any such feature in our software.

All the help you need

AccXite is in a unique position that we are not just developers but also chartered accountants. We are tax agents and provide payroll bureau services to selected few large businesses.

As a user this is very important to you as you are dealing with people with excellent knowledge and skills in accounting and payroll. If you get stuck at something, expert help is only one step away. We are contactable via phone (our main competitors don't provide phone support), live chat, email, and tweet.

You can view our help videos prior to sign up to see what you are getting into and how easy it is to use.

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