Uploading CSV file to AccXite Single Touch Payroll

Uploading CSV file to AccXite Single Touch Payroll

If you are using another system to manage your payroll and if that system does not support single touch payroll, you have the option to generate a csv file from that system and upload it to AccXite.

Once you are registered as a user and setup a business, you can simply go to “Payroll” -> “Upload Pay Slips – From Another System” and upload the csv file your system has generated.

The CSV file specification

This file serves as both the specification and sample for what AccXite requires in the csv file. The column names are descriptive enough to show what AccXite requires. As always, if you get stuck please let us know and we will sort you out.


Please note that "client_reference_id" must be a GUID that uniquely identifies an employee. It should not change between different csv files.

From 31 Jul 2020, the field entity_period_payment_date is a new field. It should have the same payment date for all the records.

Please download the CSV file here to get started.

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